Olympische Spelen Beijing 2008

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Interview NOS met Thijs van Valkengoed na 100 meter schoolslag OS Beijing 2008

Interview NOS met Thijs van Valkengoed na 100 meter schoolslag Olympische Spelen Beijing

Via Omroep Flevoland is ook een interview met Thijs te beluisteren.

Swimnews Online berichtte het volgende:
The heats of the 100m breaststroke, British champion Chris Cook, one of only seven men to race under the minute, scraped into the semi-finals in 15th place, on 1:00.71, a time a tenth of a second away from what it took to win a medal in 2004 and would have granted him silver in Sydney 2000. Leading the way into the Beijing semi-finals was Alex Dale Oen, of Norway, a nation that has yet to celebrate an Olympic champion in the pool, in an Olympic record of 59.41. If he was the first man to race inside a minute in Olympic waters, then four others followed immediately after.

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NOC*NSF video over Jolijn en Thijs
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Datum en plaats:
08 - 24 augustus 2008
Beijing, China

Lengte zwembad:
50 meter